Avebury: An Archaeological Map – Unfolded


Presenting a 1:875 scale archaeological map of the complex of Avebury. Derived from LIDAR scanning, oblique aerial photography and Photogrammetry, altogether yielding a higher level of accuracy and detail. Including a useful and comprehensive legend of contemporary archaeological research.

Additionally, and perhaps for the first time, a combined three-dimensional Photogrammetric and LIDAR map is also displayed, featuring all of the remaining stones and aspects of the complex. An additional Photogrammetric capture chart, of the outer stone profiles and stone facets, is also presented.

Printed with, and on, archival quality ink and paper, this first edition also features a unique set of removable Photogrammetric prints of the four remaining entrance or portal stones.


  • Ideal for picture framing & wall displays.
  • Compliments removable prints.
  • Unrolled size 1m by 89cm.
  • Display Size 87.5cm by 89cm. (prints removed)