Digital Surface Models



Welcome to the online gallery of Digital surface models for Avebury. Collected from multi-angle airborne LIDAR scanning the models are a 3D representation of the site, as it then was captured. We have processed them with a technique known as 'hillside' which illustrates the illumination of the suns path as it moves around the site and also displays the shadows as they fall across the landscape.

This fall of the shadows can reveal details not usually noticed by the eye. Upon each digital model featured here a series of 'indentations' can be seen in the soil which seems to follow the generic route of both the Northern Inner circle/egg and the Southern Inner circle. The indentations correspond with the positioning of sunken stone features collected from Geophysical surveys and also parch mark maps..

The degrees for the azimuth of the light source is detailed at 45 for the NE quadrant, 135 for the SE quadrant, 225 for the SW quadrat and 305 for the NW quadrant with a set angle of 55 degrees for the inclination and a 'z' factor of 2.

The last image is a relief model  derived from digital elevation data. 


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