Map Readers Resources

Map Readers Resources

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Photogrammetric Prints.

Welcome to the private map readers page. It is advisable to bookmark this page as it's just for map readers. Here, you can download and print off, subject to our usage rights, the original Photogrammetric images that feature on the archaeological map of Avebury.

The archive prints that you already possess can be gently flattened between two pieces of paper, using a cool iron, to prepare them for framing. We recommend starting at the lowest temperature and slowly working up.

Please click on an image to open in a new window and right click/save as to download (size varies between 7 mb - 15 mb each.)


The images and associated downloadable images are provided freely by, via a QR code and are strictly limited to  personal, non-commercial and non-web-based usage by the individual(s). They are not intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation, by their resale in any form or means, electronic or mechanical or otherwise. upholds their copyright on these images and downloadable files. By downloading these images or files you are in agreement with these terms. Please contact us at should you wish to use the images outside of these terms, we'll probably let you use them.

The Cove One Stone.

We also included this free gift of a copy of  a Photogrammetric capture of the Cove One stone to include in your collection. Enjoy !